We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of MIO (Micaceous Iron Oxide) Epoxy Primers High Build Surfacer from Pune, Dehu, Maharashtra, India.

TP HB Epoxy MIO Primer is based on low molecular weight epoxy resin with high solid content cured with suitable polyamide or Amine Adduct. This system gives excellent performance in highly chemical & most severe Corrosive environment. System is unaffected by alkalinity or sulphates in soil water & suitable for use in conjunction with cathodic protection. The high film thickness reduces the required number of coats. Recommended Use: - As Intermediate Coat On structural steel, pipelines, chemical plants, water proofing areas, coastal installations, ship bottom, etc.

Features :

Type Two Pack
Base Epoxy Resin suitably pigmented & Micaceous Iron Oxide
Hardener Polyamide with catalyst
% NVM of system Minimum 85 %
Mixing Ratio 2:1 by Volume
Pot life of Mixture (1:1) 3 - 4 Hours
Application By Brush, Roller, Air-less Spray.
Recommended DFT 80 - 100 Microns
Covering Capacity 3.5 - 5 Sq. Mtr. / Liter
Drying Time Surface Dry 6 - 8 Hours Maximum
Tack Free 18-24 Hours Max
Hard Dry More than 36 Hours
Full Curing 7 Days
Over Coating Interval 24 Hours Minimum 7 Days Maximum
Colour Grey
Packing 10 & 20 Liters
Flash Point Above 300 C
Thinner / Cleaner TC/EP-102
Finish Semi-gloss & smooth
Storage Up to 8 months in packed condition at normal room temp.
Temp. Resistance 1500 C Dry heat
Weatherability Good in most environments
Alkalis & Detergents Unaffected (Direct immersion not recommended)
Solvent Resistance (Aliphatic-Aromatic) Withstand to splash & spillage.
Alcohols Resist to splash & spillage.
Acids Resist to splash & spillage & fumes
Salts Withstand continues immersion in mild alkalis or neutral salt solutions (direct immersion in concentrated acid salts is not recommended)
Shade Available Brown


Before application of Epoxy Hi-Build MIO Primer (Intermediate Coat). Use Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer or Red Oxide Zinc Phosphate. Before applying stir the base component thoroughly and mix two parts of base and one part of hardener by volume to uniform consistency. Allow it for intermediate reaction for 15 - 20 min for stabilization and stir again before use, make required viscosity as per application method with Epoxy Thinner; apply at least two coats The pot lifetime is only 3 - 4 Hrs. Mix the materials as per requirement. Close the containers immediately, to avoid the chances of moisture absorption in material and solvent losses. Do not apply in humid condition, during raining or mist and fog or at very low temperature below 100 - 120 C.