We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Anti-Tar Clear Lacquers from Pune, Dehu, Maharashtra, India.

Anti Tar Clear Lacquers is two component systems designed to cure at room temperature. It consists of Base component & Hardener component which on mixing cross-link to form tough film with outstanding durability, chemical & weather resistance.

Range of Application :

Besides its excellent gloss & gloss retention properties, it also provides resistance to UV Light as it contains UV absorber. This Lacquer can be suitably applied on properly cured Epoxy Paints, Stoving Enamels, and PU-Paints; faster drying is an added advantage. This makes the system useful for maintenance coatings, structural coating etc. Resistance to Oils, Alcohol, Salty weather, Abrasion & heat make the system ideal for Aircraft finishes, transport finishes & chemical Industries. It is also recommended on electroplated components to resist the weather effect & degradation of plating /coating. When applied on it is also shows excellent results in automobile Top Coat; which resists the degradation of Top Coat finish & imparts the High Gloss.

Key Properties :

  • Rapid cure at room temp.
  • Excellent gloss & gloss retention
  • Unaffected by splash & spillage of Alcohol
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent Oil & Grease resistance

Features :

Base & Hardener A special type of Polyurethane Resin with suitable hardener
Mixing Ratio Base: Hardener, 3: 1 by Vol
Pot life after mixing base & Hardener 2 - 3 Hrs.
Application By Brush, Roller & spray using PU Thinner
Recommended DFT 20 - 30 Microns per coat
Drying Time Surface Dry 40 - 45 minutes
Tack free 2.5 - 3 Hrs.
Hard Dry 14 - 15 Hrs.
Over-coating Interval Minimum 6 - 8 Hrs., Maximum 3 - 4 days
Flash Point Above 22° C
Thinner PU Thinner

Application :

Ensure that the surface is free form dust & foreign particles. Mix Base component & Hardener component in the ratio 4: 1, thin down to get required viscosity using PU-101 Thinner

Stability Of Hardener :

Once the hardener container is opened, try to consume it immediately, because it reacts with moisture in the atmosphere, which results into gelation.