We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Heat Resistant Aluminium Paints 600 Degree from Pune, Dehu, Maharashtra, India.

TP HR Paint is a specially developed product for various applications where heat resistance to specific temperature range is required.

Range of Application:

On various metal surfaces; Pipelines, foundry industries, Products which continuously exposed to sunlight or heat, Ovens, Vehicle Silencers, Chimneys, Exhaust Chambers etc.

Specifications (HR 600 Aluminium) :

Composition: Heat Resistant Black Pigment, fused silica with silicone modified binder & solvent combination

Property Details
Colour Aluminium Luster
Supply Viscosity Above 30 Seconds
Drying Time S. S. @ 150-2000 C for 1 hour.
Resistance to Heat In the range of 2500 C to 6000 C
Adhesion Excellent
Exterior Durability Excellent
Shelf Life of Paint in Packed Condition 6 months


Heat Resistant Aluminium Paint can be applied by Brush or spraying on primed & unprimed surfaces, ensure that surface is totally cleaned & dried. Apply minimum 2 coats without diluting. Total Dry Film Thickness should not exceed more than 30 microns in single coat; thicker film may peel off on edging.